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Sunshine Blogger Award nomination – April 2018

I’m excited to announce that we were nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award this Month. Dads Tech Hub has only been running for about 6 weeks, so to be nominated is AWESOME! A massive thank you to The Modern Father for the nomination, if you are not already following Be A Modern Father, I suggest you check out The Modern Father site, on Twitter or on Facebook.

For those of you who don’t already know this is how the Sunshine Blogger Award works. The Sunshine Blogger award is an award created by bloggers for bloggers to celebrate their hard work, dedication and community spirit.

  1. A previously nominated blogger is given the task of nominating 11 more bloggers.
  2. The previous blogger asks the 11 nominated bloggers 11 questions relating to their blog.
  3. The 11 nominees all answer the questions and nominate 11 more bloggers.
  4. And the cycle continues over and over.

Here are the 11 questions asked by The Modern Father, here you can read the full post.

What have your kids done to embarrass you this week?

Does standing in the general vicinity  count? OK, Seriously! A few days ago, we thought we would try to encourage the boys to drink Almond Milk, instead of regular milk. This would be great if the youngest didn’t keep telling people that they have been drinking “nut milk”. In the UK that can be interpreted a few different ways!

Did you embarrass them back? If not, why?

Not intentionally, but they would probably say I’m a permanent embarrassment!

Who’s the reason you got a call from school about something your kid said: You or your partner?

Probably me! I’m quite sarcastic and they seem have inherited that trait.

What about parenting is still a problem for you? Having kids is not an acceptable answer.

Finding spare time for me – I can vaguely remember before the kids were born, I had time to do anything that I wanted to do! Do other parents out there remember that?

What advice did your own father or father-figure give that was useful?

Don’t let your work take over! My dad worked very long hours when I was a kid, so I only really saw him at the weekends. It wasn’t until my early-teens that he realized that there were more important things in life than work! I will start work as early as it is needed, but I will always be there for dinner and bed time.

What was completely useless?

Don’t eat yellow snow! I turns out brown snow is also to be avoided!

What personality trait of yours do you not look forward to seeing in your kids?

I have already mentioned sarcasm, I can’t look forward to that enough! I hope they don’t inherit my un-enthusiasm for fitness!

What craft/artwork have your kids done that you were impressed by? Anything that made you suggest engineering?

All three of my son’s love Lego! Their imagination is amazing! They create a whole story behind their creations. My eldest son is especially keen on creating with Lego, he even aspires to being a Lego designer.

What was the last toy you stepped on, and where did you bury it?

Lego brick! I hid it inside my sons shoe!

What was the most recent request from your partner or kids that you agreed to then immediately regretted?

My partner asked (or demanded?!) “We need to sort the garden!” We live in a new build property so the garden is plain. So this has now resulted in a plan to build what seems like endless flower beds from railway sleepers, buying exotic flowers and building an elaborate patio area.

I should have just pretended I was asleep!

Why did you agree to answer any of these questions?

I love feeling like I am part of the blogging community! I try to participate as much as I can to to the different social media communities. I think bloggers can help each other reaching individual blogging goals, The Sunshine Blogging award is a great way to share the love.


So on to my nominations! I will mainly be nominating parenting blogs with a few others sprinkled in!

You Baby Me Mummy – @YouBabyMeMummy – Some of the posts on Aby’s blog have really helped me.

mypassionprojects.com – @Blog_mpp – Maud’s community spirit on Twitter is awesome!

father-hood.co.uk@fatherhoodcouk – I love following Stuarts blog.

youmeandthree.co.uk@YouMeandThreeUK – This is the Mrs’s new blog, so please check it out!

dadvworld.com – @dadvworld – David’s got great community spirit and always looks to be having fun!

16bitdad.com@16bitdadblog – Gareth has a great blog, especially if your  a dad who loves a bit of retro gaming!

talesoftwochildren.com@davidtalesoftwo – Awesome blog!

onedadsview.com@One_Dads_View – Neil has a great blog!

manvsadulthood.com@Roster192 – Ross has a well design blog, with some great posts!

slouchingtowardsthatcham.com@thatchamdad – Great blog!

moneysavvydaddy.com@moneysavvydaddy – Some useful post!

My questions to you are:-

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What is the best blogging tip you would give new to blogging?
  3. If you could which element of blogging would you dedicate more time to?
  4. What is the most random fact you know?
  5. Which film title best describes your personality?
  6. What was the first Cassette tape/CD/MP3 that you ever purchased?
  7. Which children’s film completely scarred you?
  8. If you were a mad scientist, what experiment would you run, if money wasn’t an issue?
  9. If you could travel in time to your future or past self a message, what would it be?
  10. If you could only have 1 piece of technology, what would it be?
  11. Haribo or Jelly Babies?










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