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Parents Guide: Nintendo Switch overview

Each year at Christmas we like to buy a gift for our three boys to share, to try and encourage them to spend some time together. Last Christmas we decided on a Nintendo Switch. We’ve been using it for a few months now and the boys love it!

Nintendo Switch  – What is it?

The Nintendo Switch is considered a “hybrid” console. Which basically means it can be used in handheld/tablet mode or in console mode. It comes with a docking station that connects to your TV. The main unit connects to the docking station to play on your TV or for charging purposes. The main unit has a 6.2-inch touchscreen display for when playing in handheld mode.

The system also comes with 2 Joy-Con controllers which are connected to the side of the main unit, when used in handheld mode or for charging. The Joy-Con controllers can also be removed and are use as the controllers when playing in console mode, connecting via Bluetooth.

Nintendo Switch – Who is it for?

The Nintendo Switch is mainly aimed at the younger player and families. Most of the games available are Nintendo’s own titles and are not available on other platforms, making it the only choice if you like the Nintendo classics. Nintendo tend to not worry so much on the best graphics and more on user experience, so don’t expect cutting edge graphics. I think the Nintendo Switch is more suited to the younger player. Out of my 3 son’s my 6 year old is drawn to it a lot more than my 9 and 11 years are. There are some great family fun titles available, our family favorites at the moment is Just Dance and Mario Kart! As the Nintendo switch can be used in handheld mode, it is great for traveling, easily fitting in a backpack. – Buy Now on Amazon

Nintendo Switch – Games and Accessories

At the time of writing the Nintendo Switch has been available for just over a year. So not surprising there are quite a few great games an accessories available.

Nintendo Switch – Popular Games

There are currently around 900 games either released or in production for the Nintendo Switch. I’m not going to list them all, instead I will list a few of the more popular Nintendo switch titles, in no particular order.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an action role playing game only available on Nintendo Switch. The game is part f the Xeno series, the sequel to the original Xenoblade Chronicles. Buy Xenoblade Chronicles 2 now


Super Mario Odyssey is the newest addition to the Mario collection. It is an amazing games, sure to give you and your family hours of fun. Buy Super Mario Odyssey now!


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is an awesome strategy game only available on the Nintendo Switch. Buy Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle now!


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild is a fantasy action adventure game. Zelda has been around since the original Nintendo console, this latest installment is truly amazing! Buy The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild now!


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Mario Kart is one of my personal favorites, it is something special on the Nintendo Switch. Buy Mario Kart 8 Deluxe now!


FIFA 18 – The latest in the FIFA series, FIFA 18 is a great multiplayer football game. Buy FIFA 18 now!


Splatoons 2 is a multiplayer shooter unlike any other. Instead of bullets, your weapons are filled with coloured paint. Buy Splatoon 2 now!


Just Dance 2018 – Just Dance has over 40 popular hits included and around 300 hundred available. Buy Just Dance 2018 now!


Popular Nintendo Switch Accessories

There are quite a range of accessories made by Nintendo and 3rd parties. Many are not necessary, but the below are some of the popular accessories.

Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch – I highly recommend you get a screen protector for the Nintendo Switch, even if you are planning to us it mainly docked. The Nintendo Switch screen is prone to scratching, even when putting putting it into the dock.

Additional Joy-Con Controllers – If you are looking do some family gaming you might want to consider some additional Joy-Con Controllers. I have 4 controllers so that we can 4 player Mario Kart!

You might also want to look at a Car Charger and carry case if you are looking to use the Nintendo Switch traveling.


Nintendo Switch – Parents thoughts

The Nintendo Switch is a great console for family fun. I would recommend the Nintendo Switch for any family with younger children, if you have older children or are a more serious gamer then take a look a the PS4 or Xbox One. There are some great games available for younger children. If you hunt around on the Nintendo store, you will even find some classics. Like Street Fighter, Tetris as well as many others.

If you’re looking to buy a Nintendo Switch, check out this link for the best Nintendo Switch deals on Amazon.

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