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Parents Guide: How to setup a Microsoft Parent Account


Children are using the internet more and more and from a younger age, so it is vital to monitor their activity. The internet is an amazing thing but it can also expose children to issues and dangers that just haven’t been there in past generations. Luckily most tech companies recognise this and provide solutions to restrict or monitor your child’s computer usage. Microsoft is no different, they offer some great tools to restrict and monitor usage on both Windows 10 Computers and Xbox One. Microsoft Family provides some great options to monitor internet usage, create spending limits on the Microsoft Store and limit screen time. It’s quite simple to set this up, but first you need to create an account (or link an existing account). Below I will talk you through step by step how to setup a parent account on Microsoft Family.

How can I setup a parent Microsoft account?

  1. Firstly, you need to go to the Microsoft Family page and click “Sign in with Microsoft“.
  2. If you don’t already have a Microsoft Account the click “Create one“. If you do already have a Microsoft account skip to the next section.
  3. Enter your email address (it doesn’t have to be a Microsoft/Hotmail/live) and click next.
  4. Now create your password and click next. (Remember the password shouldn’t be easy to guess, even by your children).
  5. Select your County and enter your date of birth. (These details maybe required for a password reset, so enter them correctly. On a child account the Date of Birth may also be used for age verification on games).
  6. Once you’ve clicked next, you will be sent a verification email with a 4 digit code. (Remember you check your junk folder).
  7. Enter the code that you received and click next.
  8. You will now just need to enter the characters on the screen and click next.

Now you have created the parent account, the next step is to link this account to your children’s accounts.

How to link a parent Microsoft account to a child account?

Once you have created the steps above, it should take you to a page saying “add a family member”. If either, you have already completed the above steps or don’t see the page, here is the “add family member” page.

  1. Click the option to add a family member.
  2. You will now be asked, if the family member is an Adult or child. Adults will be able to monitor the child accounts, Adult accounts are not monitored. Child accounts are the accounts the Adult accounts can monitor. Select Adult or Child, enter their email address and the onscreen characters. (If the child doesn’t have an email account follow the same steps as above to set them up).
  3. An email invitation will now be sent to account, it will contain a link to allow the monitoring. You now can repeat these steps for all child accounts.
  4. Once the invitation is accepted you can monitor those accounts and you will also receive weekly emails with a breakdown of their usage.

Once you have done this you will need to link their Windows 10 or Xbox account to the child account. This is covered in aa different article.

How to view child account usage details in Microsoft Family?

Now that you have setup and linked your child account, you will probably want to view their usage.

  1. Log into your Microsoft account, here https://account.microsoft.com/.
  2. Once logged in scroll down a little and look to the left you will see the “Your Family” section.
  3. You should see the child accounts listed and next to each there should be an option to “see activity”.
  4. Click the “see activity” option.
  5. Now you will use the usage stats, you can see sites and searches, Browsing stats, Apps & Games Stats and screen time.

That’s it! You’ve now created you parent Microsoft account, link your parent account to your child Microsoft account and viewed Windows 10 and Xbox usage.

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