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Parents Guide: How to limit screen time on PlayStation 4

Most children would spend on all day either watching TV, playing video games or surfing the internet if you’d let them. I know if my kids are anything to go by then they would spend every minute playing Minecraft on the PlayStation 4. I think in moderation it is absolutely fine to play some video games, but convincing your children there is a balance is difficult. Luckily the PlayStation 4 has various parental control option to limit your kids if you wish. Sony call it “Play Time” on the PS4, but essentially it is limiting game time.

How do I limit screen time on PlayStation 4?

Firstly, it is assumed that you have already setup Family Management on the PlayStation 4.

  1. First you will need to check the time zone is configured correctly on the PS 4. Select Settings – Parental Controls/Family Management – Family Management. Then follow the on screen instructions and enter you sign in information. Once signed in select a user and then select time zone, now select the relevant time zone. This step is important as “Play Time” resets at midnight.
  2. Now we are ready to restrict screen time. To set the restrictions you need to go to Settings – Parental Controls/Family Management, and then select the restrictions to the selected user. Here you will have 2 options either to “change Play Time for Today” or “Play Time Settings
  3. Select restrict and then select “Duration and Playable hours“. You can either set the same screen time limits for every day, or set specific restrictions for each day.
  4. Remember if there are different users that you want to restrict then you need to repeat this for each user.

That’s really it, you can now rest assured that your kids can’t play for longer than you allow. Just remember don’t let your kids know the credentials for the master account or they can simply remove these settings.

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