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OpenDNS – Free home internet filtering

Before I start, i’d like to thank Mark B for making the suggestion of OpenDNS via the Dads Tech Hub Facebook page. I wrote a post about setting up a Microsoft parent account and Mark commented saying OpenDNS is a great solution for filtering your home internet. Mark was right, …

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Parents Guide: How to setup a Microsoft Parent Account


Children are using the internet more and more and from a younger age, so it is vital to monitor their activity. The internet is an amazing thing but it can also expose children to issues and dangers that just haven’t been there in past generations. Luckily most tech companies recognise …

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Parents Guide: How to limit screen time on PlayStation 4

Most children would spend on all day either watching TV, playing video games or surfing the internet if you’d let them. I know if my kids are anything to go by then they would spend every minute playing Minecraft on the PlayStation 4. I think in moderation it is absolutely …

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