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Parents Guide: Google Home

My eldest son has recently wanted to listen to more music. So for his birthday we decided we would get him a smart speaker. We were mainly looking at the Google Home and the Amazon Alexa, as these seem to be the 2 main players in the smart speaker market. …

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Should you allow your child to play Fortnite?

Most parents with kids over 8 are fed up with the word “Fortnite” by now. If you haven’t heard you children talking about Fortnite yet, its only a matter of time! Fortnite is one of the most popular video games around at the moment. There are many children wanting to …

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Top 3 Gaming Monitors

PC gaming is more popular than ever! Many teens/pre-teens now wanting a gaming PC, whether it be for playing Minecraft, Roblox etc or if it is to play the latest Call of Duty Game. When most beginners are considering their 1st gaming PC, most don’t think too much about the …

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