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5 great exercise tips to help lose the “Dad bod”!



If you’re anything like me, then you probably find it difficult to find the time and motivation to get in the gym! Although I enjoy “juggling” my 40+ hour a week “day job” and my online job, as well as spending time with my family. It give me very little time to focus on my fitness and nutrition. So for me it often means my fitness routine goes “out the window”. Up until recently this hasn’t really bothered me too much.

I’ve never particularly enjoyed exercise, so I don’t really miss it! But over the last few years, I’ve gained a few pounds here and a few pound there. To the point where it is now starting to affect my daily life! With this in mind I have recently decided I need to make more of an effort with my fitness and nutrition and how to fit it into my daily life!

Below I will go through 10 simple tips you can implement in your life to help lose the “Dad Bod”!

5. Drink lots of water!

Drinking more water is one of the easiest things you can do to aid in your weight lose efforts. Water not only speeds up your metabolism, but it also makes you feel more satisfied and eat less. Drinking more water also has other benefits such as, improved concentration, improves muscle performance and boosts brain function and mood, to name a few. It is recommended that you drink at least 2 Litres of water per day, although this may need to be increased if you have a physically demanding job. It is generally possible to carry a drinks bottle around with you in most jobs. I recommend getting a 500ml or 1 Litre bottle that you can refill throughout the day, this way it is easy to keep track of how much you have drunk.

Bonus Tip – Drink 250ml before every meal, this will help you eat less, by making you feel fuller.

4. Walk in your lunch break.

Most people get between 30 minute and an hour lunch break, why not make the most of that time? Most people tend to either work through their lunch break, browse the internet or play games on their smart phone. None of these are healthy for you! Walking during your lunch break not only has the obvious benefit of getting more exercise. It gives you time to clear your mind of any work stress and will most likely make you more productive! If you can I recommend that you take a brisk walk for at least 20 minutes every day. Depending on your work location you could possibly even walk to or from work, walk briskly to the train station or car?

3. Get up earlier to exercise!

Like most people you probably don’t like to get out of bed, but too much sleep is just time wasted! Most people only need 6 -8 hours sleep, so you will probably find, if you get up an hour earlier you are still getting the sleep your body needs! I prefer to do exercise in the morning, after the initial “dragging yourself out of bed”, it doesn’t feel like your are really sacrificing anything. Whereas finding an extra hour in the evening is quite tough, as well as the motivation is a lot harder to find in the evening. After a few days you may even feel more energised and ready for the day ahead after a workout.

2. Cycle to work.

If your place of work is too far away to walk, is it within cycling distance? Cycling is great exercise and doesn’t actually take much longer than a car, if you live within 5 miles or so to work. If traffic in my home town is anything to go by, it takes me 35 minutes to travel 10 miles in the morning. Cycling this distances takes around the same time. I appreciate that this isn’t a possibility for everyone, depending on your work attire and if you need the use of a vehicle throughout the day. But if this is a possibility, it is worth considering! Lots of employers even offer a cycle to work scheme.

1. Walk with the family.

I’m fortunate enough to live within a “stones throws” distance of miles of countryside. So we quite often take advantage of this and go on family walks through the fields and woods. Walking with the family is great exercise and the kids love it! Kids love to explore, spotting wildlife, building dens in the woods and jumping (or falling) in muddy puddles. Even if the countryside isn’t as close, there are always parks close by!

Nathan is a father of 3 wonderful boys, as well as a Blogger, Podcaster, SEO & Social Media Expert and IT Engineer from Essex in the UK. Nathan has been creating successful websites and blogs since the early '00's. His 2 main passions are his family and Technology, so in 2019 Nathan decided to combine the 2 with Dadstechhub.com.

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